Project Based Learning Inspires Students

Many classrooms, especially for older grades, are mainly based on “seat time.” This requires students to sit in a lecture based class and absorb information that they will be tested on later in the course.

While lecture based teaching is important, it is also very valuable to teach students work-based skills such as networking and problem solving.  When students are taught valuable hands on skills during the school day, they are more engaged with their learning and more motivated to complete school work.

By incorporating new types of learning into the classroom, students can get a more well-rounded learning experience and graduate from school feeling confident in their job skills.  Project based learning provides work-like challenges and pushes students to come up with creative ways to solve problems.

Work based learning gives students real world skills and empowers them to pursue a career path that they are interested in.  Schools should inform students about networking events and encourage students to attend.

Teaching students about interview skills and techniques is also a helpful use of class time.  Students will graduate from high school with both the skills needed to get the job and the skills needed to keep it.

Story via EdSurge