Project Based Learning Prepares Students


While looking for a way to help her students with a range of learning difficulties, high school special needs teacher, Jill Koenemann, discovered project-based learning: new way to help them learn real-world problem solving skills in the classroom.  Project-based (PLC) learning allowed her students to master important skills while working at their own pace.

Koenemann tries to pair up higher and lower functioning students for these projects.  While the students are working towards a larger goal, they learn how to collaborate with a team and use their own special skill-sets to contribute.  Using technology and introducing problems that students can identify in their own lives also helps keep them interested and engaged in the project.

When beginning to use PLC in their classrooms, Koenemann recommends that teachers find a supportive group of other educators also using PLC in their classrooms.  Staying connected with others helps teachers feel supported and can even help spark new ideas.

She recommends that teachers plan out all of their projects and consider using a PCL platform with strong customer support.  Starting with smaller projects and working up to larger projects will also help you adjust to this new teaching style.

You can learn more about Project Based Learning by checking out the 2018 NEOTD Project Based Learning and Development Presentation by Dr. Kate O’Hara on our website.

Story via The Edvocate