Protect your business from threats of the future


With new cyber attacks being created every day, businesses have to be prepared to defend themselves against attacks that have never been seen before.  

Businesses and healthcare providers are at the highest risk for cyberattacks.  The amount of sensitive information on their networks makes them an appealing target for cyber criminals.

New attacks like Password-Spray attacks go after a bunch of logins at once and are not as easily detected than classic brute-force attempts.

Most businesses have upper their cybersecurity measures the last few years, helping to prevent damaging attacks.  However, experts warn that companies should be constantly striving to make their security stronger.

Security professionals now have to think outside of the basic cybersecurity measures and look at anything that could be hacked.  Even smart appliances or sensor could be hacked. IT professionals are not always aware that they need to provide cyber protection for the company’s smart refrigerator.

Story via BizTech