Protect Your Company From Itself: Identifying Insider Threats


With security at the forefront of every company’s mind, it is important to keep your business safe from potential outside threats.  However companies should not forget that one of the largest threats to their security, already lives inside their organization. According to Rob Sobers at Tripwire, insider threats make up 60-75% of security breaches.  

Damages from these threats can cost companies anywhere from $100,000-$500,000 per incident.  Knowing how to identify insiders can help you protect your business from a devastating security breach.

An insider can be anyone in your company from disgruntled former employees, to business partners, privileged IT users, managers with admin capabilities, third-party contractors, or even outside consultants.

The 3 main ways that insiders beach information is by being careless, compromised, or malicious.

Careless employees accidentally disclose delicate information.  Many times these employees are unaware of proper cybersecurity practices.  Company security training can clear up misunderstandings, preventing unintentional data breaches.

Compromised employees fall victim to outsiders using malware or social engineering.  The criminals then use the compromised employee to steal business data.

Malicious insiders deliberately compromise  sensitive company data and software for revenge or personal gain.

Training your staff to properly safeguard sensitive data can help keep your business safe from insider threats.

Story via Tripwire