Protect your school with a disaster recovery plan

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During a disaster, it is very difficult to remain calm and level headed, especially if there is no plan in place.  Having a disaster recovery plan can make a huge difference for your school IT team. Disaster recovery plans can protect your data in the event of a physical or cyber disaster.

Here are 3 steps that your school can take to create a well-rounded disaster recovery plan:

1. Look at your data

A vital aspect of disaster recovery plans is backing up important data.  But first, your school must inventory and classify data by importance. That way your school can make sure the most important applications are prioritized.

2.  Name your objectives

When a school’s data center and network is down, it can be nearly impossible for a school to function. Find out how much it would cost your school to stay closed and what it will take to get your networks back up and running in a timely manner.

3.  Find tech solutions

Once you have clearly identified your valuable data and your DR objectives, the next step is finding the right technology to help you implement your plan.  There are colocation facilities and cloud services available to schools looking to implement a disaster recovery plan in their district.

Story via EdTech