Protect your servers before it’s too late


When do you think your business should be concerned about cybersecurity, before or after a disaster strikes?  Small businesses may not feel like they are big targets for hackers, but DDoS attacks are on the rise.  So how can a small or medium sized business defend itself from all of these potential cyber attacks?

The first thing you can do to help safeguard your business’s information is to segment your networks.  Having all your data stored in one place makes it easy for hackers to access any and all of your sensitive company information.  In the case of ransomware, your company could go without access to that valuable information for days, leaving both you and your customers in a tight situation.

Installing a DNS server can help you segment your network so that even if you are attacked, your company can continue to function.  Only some of your clients would be affected by an attack which could save the company both time and money.

Another way to keep your business protected is to upgrade your firewall and enhance your security system.  Security experts suggest finding out what type of firewall you need and then getting the next size up.  This ensures that your company remains secure as it grows and expands.

Conducting security audits can help your company find out what holes need to be filled in your network security.  Hiring an outside security expert to assess your organization’s current security landscape can help you make an informed decision when looking at what new security measures need to be taken.

Story via BizTech