Protecting Your School From a Cyber Attack


Cyber attacks become more common every year, and unfortunately schools are becoming a major target for criminals.  Many schools have firewalls in place, but with advanced criminals on the loose, they no longer provide educational institutions with the security they need.  

Other school districts have multiple security software in place to protect different parts of the network.  However, the systems do not normally work harmoniously together and leave holes in the network’s security.

It is becoming increasingly important for schools to install a unified system that will protect every aspect of the school’s network.  In order to find the best program to suit their needs, schools should follow these 5 steps and protect themselves against cyber attacks.

1.  Get school leaders on board.

Identify solutions that would be mutually agreeable to everyone involved in securing the school’s network including the Board, the superintendent, and IT leaders.

2.  Find what needs to be protected.

Determine all of the technology and programs used by the schools.  It is easier to secure data when you know where it is.

3.  Get a security assessment.

Bring in a trusted security expert to run a security assessment on the school network to determine the more vulnerable parts of the network.

4.  Come up with a plan.

Agree upon a security solution and create a plan to implement and test the new security program.

5.  Maintain the network.

Make sure the network is always being monitored.  It is important for school IT leaders to know if the network is stable and secure at all times.

Story via eSchool News