Ransomware Attacks The Atlanta Police


The Atlanta Police Department lost years of dashcam footage after a ransomware attack in March.  

According to David Bisson of  Tripwire, the Atlanta police refused to pay the ransom of 60 bitcoins worth $51,000 at the time of the incident.    There were 105,000 files corrupted by the criminals.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the data loss was minimal.  Shields said that she is not concerned that the loss of dashcam footage will effect pending court cases.

However, Ken Allens of the Atlanta police union is concerned that the loss of footage will affect the already strained relationship between the police and the public.

The incident serves as a reminder about the vulnerability of municipal organizations and the need for increased cybersecurity efforts within the government.

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Story via Tripwire

Ingrid Schmidt