Risk Assessments Help Businesses Better Arm Themselves Against Cyber Threats


Every business is different, and therefore every business has different cybersecurity needs.  However, in an effort to protect themselves online, many companies blindly purchase new cybersecurity products without fully understanding the risks unique to their business.

According to Mike Chapple at BizTech Magazine, conducting a risk assessment not only helps businesses better arm themselves against potential threats, it helps them save both time and money.  

Risk assessments look at the current cybersecurity landscape and give businesses a well-rounded view of the likelihood and potential impact of each online threat, ranking them in order of importance.

This allows businesses to purchase cybersecurity software that exhausts more of its efforts targeting high-risk threats, instead of evenly spreading their security efforts leaving high-risk areas more vulnerable.

Before purchasing new software businesses should also be aware of what their current cybersecurity system is capable of. As upgrades are made to their software, it may meet more cybersecurity needs, eliminating the need for businesses to purchase a new program.

Story via BizTech Magazine