Security Advocates in the Workplace


Cyber security is a vital part of every business, but it can be difficult for a security engineer to control all of the potential issues and threats to the network.

That is why creating a cyber security based company culture is so important.  Teaching your employees about different threats and what they should be looking out for on a daily basis, may help prevent major issues in your company.

Encourage your employees to be security advocates.  Security advocates are employees who do not work in cyber security, but uphold cyber security policies and practices and encourage others to do so as well.

Many employees think of cyber security as an obstacle to speed and convenience.  However, a security advocate, explains to their fellow staff members how following security policies does not make your tasks inconvenient, and it could end up saving the company big in the long run.

In order to identify the security advocates in your company, you should present security topics and research during employee security training programs and see which employees respond the best.  Make sure that everyone in your company understands how important cyber security policies are and why they need to be upheld.

Once you find your security advocates, send them interesting cyber security articles and studies.  Keep them engaged and thinking about security practices.

Story via Tripwire