Start the school year off right with these 6 tips


The school year is quickly approaching, which means teachers are getting ready for another great year of learning.  Before finalizing your lesson plans for the semester, be sure to check out these 6 tips:

1.  Stay a life-long learner.

Being a life-long learner yourself will lead your students to become life-long learners.  
Find out as much as you can about new teaching techniques.  Attending conferences and training sessions can be a great way to discover new ideas.  Finding new classroom management techniques and discipline measures can help also start the school year off right.  Joining teacher communities can be another great learning opportunity for teachers. It gives you a chance to connect with other educators and get an outside perspective or advice on your classroom.

2.  Incorporate STEM and STEAM in your lesson plans.

Studies have shown the incredible benefits of teaching STEM in your classes.  It improves problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as encourage your students to be creative and innovative.

3.  Take class outside.

Taking your class outside on a nice day for a science experiment or natural science activity can be a great way to make science class fun.  It shows your students how the lessons they are learning in the classroom apply to the real world.

4.  Get students involved with robots.

Robotics is a very interesting and engaging subject for many students.  Having students design and/or code a robot is a great way to get them to see the fun side of STEM.  

5.  Get students engaged with Project Based Learning.

Project Based learning is a great tool to help students develop important life skills like problem solving and collaboration.  Take some time to plan a couple projects for the semester that will get your students excited about learning.

6.  Teach media literacy.

With more technology comes more outlets for getting information.  Make sure you are teaching your students how to analyze and interpret the things they are seeing in the media.

Story via eSchool News