Start the School Year off Right with these 8 Edtech apps


Students of all ages can benefit from the use of great edtech apps in the classroom.  Whether it’s an app that gets students exploring science or building their vocabulary, they use your students’ love of technology to enhance their learning.

Here are 8 great apps for you to try out in your classroom this year:

1.  Howtosmile

This free app is a wonderful STEM resource for teachers looking to diversify their lessons.  It allows teachers to search for lessons by topic and grade. Howtosmile has links to thousands of outside resources that teachers can utilize for both formal and informal learning.

2.  Photo Stuff with Ruff

This app uses Ruff from the popular PBS Kids series, The Ruff Ruffman Show to get students to explore their surroundings.  It is targeted toward elementary school students learning about substance properties in science.  Ruff will tell students what materials, patterns, and textures to take pictures of. Students can even take selfies with the textures to make it more fun.  Then they can compare their photos with the class.

3.  Membean

This fun app teaches your students valuable vocabulary skills.  You can assign them a weekly vocabulary practice goal and allow them time in class to work towards meeting it.  Membean will send a report to teachers about each student’s practice time, accuracy, and assessment results. The intuitive app even allows teachers to see if students were multitasking with multiple tabs open or if the students answered questions quickly without reading the text.

4.  Loom

Loom allows you to record whatever is on your screen during a presentation and quickly share it with all of your students.  This allows them to go back through the lesson at their leisure to review anything they’re confused about without them having to repeatedly ask questions.

5.  ARIS

This Pokemon-Go style app allows teachers to create quest style games to fit with their lessons.  Students of all ages can play the games created with the app. Older students can even get involved in STEM learning by creating a quest game.

6.  PBS KIDS Kart Kingdom

Kart Kingdom was created as a fun, engaging and entertaining game for students.  When students play it during school, they can reflect on their experiences with the class.  For example, they can discuss how they created new gadgets, how the gadgets were helpful and how they used teamwork to complete their quests.  It serves both as a way to bring more fun to your classroom and gets students to think about how things work together in everyday life.

7.  Ink Blott Underground

Ink Blott Underground focuses on using roots, prefixes, and suffixes to grow vocabulary skills.  It will get students familiar with Latin and Greek roots that form many English words. It is designed with fun games and levels that keep students engaged with their learning.

8.  Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

This online database is complete with maps, essays, charts, and images to give students who are learning about the Slave Trade a well rounded picture of the historical event.  Teachers can even create document based questions and have students reflect on the materials they find while conducting research with the database.

Story via eSchool News