STEAM Will Rise in 2018


STEAM is the educational initiative to include the Arts into the K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) framework, and in 2018 could present a huge rise in the amount of institutions who invite the arts into their curriculum.

Ricky Ye, the CEO of DFRobot states “Whether students have an affinity for the arts or not, incorporating elements of creativity into STEM education has indeniable benefits, including making STEM more approachable and understandable”.

Schools are already more accepting of a STEAM-related curriculum, and by combining traditional art courses and concepts with the growth of areas like 3D Printing, it only gives students an opportunity to invite fun and creativity into their workload.  By including art into your curriculum, you’re inviting students to use a different set of skills to come up with imaginative solutions and creative problem solving.

In today’s ever-evolving and always changing world, using out-of-the-box creativity to problem-solve and learn can be a huge advantage for students hoping to make unique and impactful splash into the workforce.

(Story via eSchoolNews)