STEM Courses Create More Hirable Students


The purpose of schooling is to prepare students to be intelligent citizens and well rounded employees.  STEM courses are a great way to ensure that students possess the skills necessary to succeed once they graduate.

Learning STEM techniques will help students to succeed in any field they choose.  STEM prepares students to fill jobs that haven’t even been created yet, which is very important considering a 2017 Dell report stated that 85% of jobs in 2030 have not been invented yet.

Project-based learning is another way that science, technology, engineering, and math courses prepare students.  In project-based learning, students learn how to effectively collaborate with their peers and contribute to a group.  It also helps students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Hackathons are great STEM based events that gets students engaged.  They challenge students to solve real world problems whether it be a national or local issue.  Students work together to figure out a solution, increasing their problem solving knowledge as well as their educational confidence.

Teaching students STEM is planning for the future.  It gets students prepared to work in the real world.  It also challenges students in problem solving and collaboration which not only benefits them educationally, but personally as well.

Story via EdTech