Success in a Connected Classroom


Having technology available in the classroom can certainly be beneficial to your students.  However, technology will never be a replacement for great teachers.  So, how can teachers integrate technology into their lessons, while still promoting a positive learning environment?

Using Edtech to encourage the 4 “C’s” in your classroom will help your students to get the most out of the technology used in your classroom.

1. Critical Thinking

It is important that students fully understand the topics they are learning.  Edtech can help to get students more engaged in their learning and force them to think outside of the box.  New technology could be integrated into your lessons via AI tutors, educational robotics programs, or even coding activities.

2.  Collaboration

Teaching students to be collaborative team players creates a positive, supportive environment in your classroom.  Introducing students to web conferencing technology can help show them how technology allows them to collaborate with people across the world.  Showing students videos of current events and then tasking them to work in teams and come up with different arguments and solutions will help them both think critically about the world around them and also appreciate their classmate’s views and participate in intelligent debate.

3.  Creativity

There are lots of different ways to encourage creativity with Edtech.  Having students come up with creative products or solutions gets them to be innovative and use design thinking.  There are many design software available online for students to explore.  Skyping in creative professionals can also help inspire students to pursue a creative career.

4.  Communication

Teachers like to monitor each student’s progress, but sometimes in a traditional classroom it can be difficult for them to tell which students may be struggling and how to help them.  Now there are Edtech software that monitor a student’s progress and pinpoint problems.  This helps both the teacher and the student understand where they need help, making it easier for students to communicate their issues, and for teachers to provide them assistance.

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