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New Scam Puts User Financials at Risk

A new app testing scam is going around the internet and draining users bank accounts.

The attackers post a “job” online asking for people to test their new app called AirDroid for no more than an hour in exchange for $40-60.  They tell anyone interested that all they need to do in order to get the job is install the app and test it. They even offer to pay participants 50% in advance of the testing.

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Security Advocates in the Workplace

Cyber security is a vital part of every business, but it can be difficult for a security engineer to control all of the potential issues and threats to the network.

That is why creating a cyber security based company culture is so important.  Teaching your employees about different threats and what they should be looking out for on a daily basis, may help prevent major issues in your company.

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Cybersecurity in Higher Education

Colleges have access to lots of sensitive information about their students, faculty, and staff.  With cyber attacks on the rise, are universities prepared to defend themselves against these threats? Many colleges are severely lacking in cyber security defenses, especially when the CIOs and CISOs are not included in senior management affairs. Research done by the International Data Group has shown that only 43% of organizations have increased their IT budget.  Surprisingly, 39% of organizations have kept their IT budget the same and 18% have even reduced their IT budget.

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