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10 Great Educational VR Apps

Virtual reality in edtech is all the rage right now.  It is a great way to take students around the world without ever leaving the classroom.  It also allows students to get actively engaged with their learning. Students can more clearly see what they are learning and easily explore new places and concepts.

While some virtual reality technology is quite expensive, others are more reasonably priced.  Programs like Google Cardboard make cheap VR headsets that make it easy for schools to purchase.  Students are also able to use their own smartphones to download educational VR apps.

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Edtech Empowers Students

Edtech allows students to work at their own pace and take learning back into their own hands.  Many schools using edtech see great results with their students. However, with more and more edtech released every day, it can be difficult for teachers and administrators to choose the right products for their schools.  Studies have shown that purchasing and implementing unsuccessful edtech can cost schools up to $220 per student.

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