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Keeping Your School Safe From Cryptomining

With the rise of the value of cryptocurrencies, comes a rise in cryptomining.  Unfortunately, schools are often easy targets for cryptocurrency miners looking to make fast money. Cryptomining has also seen a recent advancement in malware technology making it even easier for criminals to cheat the system.  There are now mining services that can run as JavaScript in your web browser.

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Edtech Empowers Students

Edtech allows students to work at their own pace and take learning back into their own hands.  Many schools using edtech see great results with their students. However, with more and more edtech released every day, it can be difficult for teachers and administrators to choose the right products for their schools.  Studies have shown that purchasing and implementing unsuccessful edtech can cost schools up to $220 per student.

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New Year, New Projects

The new school year is rapidly approaching which means that teachers across the country are planning fun and exciting activities for their students.  Project based learning activities would make a great addition to any course schedule. Project based learning helps get students more involved in their learning and challenge them to be innovative and creative.

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