Teaching Media Literacy


Media literacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s society.  With so much information available online it can be difficult to decipher fact from fiction.  Here are 6 great ways that you can teach your students to be good digital citizens:

  1. Evaluate media

Teach your students how to break down media bias.  It is important to show students how the same story can be portrayed different ways by different people.  Show your students how to analyze the sources used in a news story.

2.  Find digital resources

Show your students what media sources are the most reliable.  When students know which sources they can trust, it is easy for them to find the truth.

3.  Compare sources

Have your students compare and contrast the content from different media sources.  When students read 2 different stories about the same topic, it is easy to see how the news can be manipulated by reporter bias.

4.  Discuss media tactics

Teach students about how the media can manipulate quotes, photos, and videos.  Students should be skeptical of anything that they have not double checked.

5.  Examine advertisements

Have students look at advertisements and identify the advertising tactic.  Students should understand how advertisements are designed to manipulate them into purchasing a product.

6.  Create media

Having students create their own articles, videos, and websites makes it easy for them to see how much influence the reporter or producer has on the context of a story.

Story via The Edvocate