Technology Can Help Teachers, But It Cannot Replace Them


As Edtech becomes more popular, many K-12 teachers embrace the new technologies, elegantly incorporating them into their classrooms.  Others, however, have become anti-tech. Matthew Lynch at the Edvocate believes that this is in large part due to fear. Lynch said that many teachers are afraid that technology will replace the need for teachers in the classroom, while in reality, the contrary is true.  

Before Edtech, learning was teacher-based.  Students were entirely dependent on the teacher’s knowledge and their ability to motivate students in the classroom.  While this system has many benefits, Edtech has allowed learning to become more student-based. Teachers are still a major part of the learning experience, but they act more as a guide to student learning, instead of being a gatekeeper for classroom learning.

Edtech makes it easier for teachers to instruct students of all different learning paces.  Technology can personalize student learning experiences, and adapt to that student’s pace, assisting when they need more help, or allowing them to go quickly through lessons that they find easy.

Anti-tech teachers are also afraid that they are not knowledgeable enough about these new technologies and teaching styles according to Lynch.  Schools can alleviate this fear by providing teachers with Edtech training. Regular training can help the school can answer teacher questions and keep them up-to-date on the ever changing digital landscape.

Edtech is becoming more important in schools, which means that teaching K-12 educators how to integrate technology into their classrooms is also becoming much more important.  Teacher support of edtech can make both teachers and students more successful in the classroom.

Story via The Edvocate

Ingrid Schmidt