The Benefits of EdTech

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More students than ever are benefiting from the use of classroom technology.  In a survey by SAM Labs, 82% of teachers say that students who use edtech are better prepared for their future careers.

Teachers are seeing students learn faster when technology is incorporated into their lessons.  Technology makes it easier for many students to retain pertinent information. Almost 31% of teachers believe that edtech leads to higher student test scores.

Students are improving with technology use in all subjects:

-65% Improvement in Math

-56% Improvement in Reading and Writing

-39% Improvement in English

-21% Improvement in History

Edtech has proved so effective that 58% of teachers are confident with using edtech and 44% wants to use even more tech in their classroom.

Although technology has greatly improved the classroom experience, teachers are still in need of more edtech training.  Nearly 78% of teachers reported that they have not received enough training regarding teaching with technology.

Story via EdTech