The Business of VR


Virtual reality is an amazing way to for students to explore new concepts without ever leaving the classroom.  Many of the educational VR programs target STEM education, however VR can help students studying any subject, especially business students.  Here are 4 major ways that virtual reality can be utilized to help your students grow into business professionals.

1.  Experimentation

With virtual reality, students are free to experiment with new products and business strategies, without worrying about the potential losses that may occur from testing them out in the real world.  They can explore their product’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as implement new business strategies in the virtual world to get a real life reaction without fear of financial ruin hanging over their heads.  This teaches business students the process of creating a new product and how they can become successful leaders.

2.  Communication

It is important for business students to be able to communicate effectively, however practicing interpersonal skills can be nerve racking for many students.  Virtual reality can simulate social situations that students are likely to encounter during their business careers, making them more confident with new people and situations.

3.  Networking

Nearly 85% of jobs are filled through networks, making it essential for business students to learn effective networking skills.  Virtual reality makes it easier than ever before to keep up with connections. The technology allows students to talk face to face with peers and leaders across the world, which keeps them connected with potential job opportunities across the world.

4.  Embracing Technology

New technology is being incorporated into business practices every day.  When business students are forced to adapt and utilize all sorts of new technologies in the classroom, it prepares them for a career of lifelong learning and adaptability.

Story via The Edvocate