The Future of edtech is talking to teachers


Software developers work hard to create edtech programs that will help teachers and students succeed in the classroom.  However only 58% of teachers are confident using technology in their classroom, according to Matthew Lynch at The Edvocate.  

Many programs are only designed to be flashy and marketable, but they are not necessarily made to meet the needs of teachers and students, Lynch said.  He recommends that developers remember to listen to the people they are designing these apps for: the teachers.

The long term success of an edtech program depends on how useful that tool is to teachers across the nation.  If designers work slowly and methodically to find creative solutions to the problems educators face, their product will naturally appeal to school districts.  Teachers are looking for edtech tools that they can depend on.

Lynch also recommends that developers learn to take constructive criticisms of their programs and turn them into improvements.  Teachers want to use programs that are willing to change and adapt to meet their needs more effectively.

Story via The Edvocate