The New Data Center


With so many changes in business technology, experts speculate that traditional data centers will disappear over the next several years.  However, data centers will not go away completely, instead they are evolving to meet the needs of new software and technologies.

Businesses are beginning to transition to software-defined data centers.  They allow organization to quickly and easily move data or workloads between the cloud and the data center.

Human-computer interaction (HCI)  is also on the rise at many companies.  It is a much more streamlined way for companies to access data.  The system converges the infrastructure and allows IT staff the freedom to work on multiple projects.

In a traditional data center system, there is often one IT member who is limited to a specific job.  Now IT staff has the freedom to take on multiple projects and help out in ways that they were not previously able to.

When businesses centralize their data centers they have less hardware to manage, which means there are fewer things to support.  It also increases visibility for your IT staff when they are looking at the infrastructure.

With their newfound speed and versatility, software-defined data centers will soon replace traditional data centers in organizations across the country. These easy to manage data centers are bringing themselves into the future

Story via BizTech