The Office of the Future


Businesses staying updated and modern is important to both customers and employees.  When employees have a work space that runs smoothly, they will be more productive and collaborative.

Here are 10 ways that tech can enhance your office:

1.  Dependable Remote Conferences

So many businesses rely on remote conference services to talk with business partners located around the world.  However, when that service isn’t working its best, it becomes difficult and frustrating to attend meetings with remote employees.  Make sure your company subscribes to a reliable conference and video call service.

2.  A Wide Range of Communication Tools

Collaboration is a major priority in the office.  Having a wide variety of communication tools from a screen sharing service, to a standard whiteboard, helps employees share ideas easily.  

3.  Cloud Platforms

Using cloud platforms can help protect sensitive data and make it much more accessible to the authorized personnel.  The cloud also makes it easy to hire remote workers, since they can access the network from anywhere.

4.  Eco-Friendly Features

The state of the environment is important to everyone, and employees appreciate working for a company that respects the environment.  Doing something as simple as putting out recycling bins can make a big difference. A LEED green building certification can help your business stand out as a Eco-friendly leader.

5.  Employee Wellness Technology

Sit/Stand desks can help improve employee fitness and alertness during the day.  Smart sit/stand desks allow employees to control the height and set activity goals.

6.  Office Network

Creating a robust, fiber-based, private office network can help your business run more smoothly.  It makes it easy to move data on and off of local systems.

7.  Dependable WiFi

In the modern age, most businesses rely heavily on WiFi in order to function.  Having a dependable WiFi connection helps to keep your employees working hard all day, without the interruption that spotty WiFi would cause.

8.  Multi-Factor Security

Simple employee made passwords are easily guessed by hackers and make your business less secure.  Having a multi-factor sign in would require employees to sign in with both a secure password and another form of sign in such as an iris scan or fingerprint scan.

9.  Cybersecurity

Making sure your business has cyber security measures in place will help keep your data secured.  Make sure your business is taking preventative measures to keep the network secure. Disaster recovery plans are also an important part of cyber security.  Make sure your business has a plan in case of an attack.

10.  Electronic Whiteboards

Electronic whiteboards like the Samsung Flip make it easy to collaborate during meetings.  They make it easy to save and share notes taken on the board, saving your employees time and energy.

Story via Forbes