The Secret to College Success: Studying


College life is hard, especially with so many exams, projects, and papers due for every class.  Developing efficient study skills is essential to a student’s success throughout their college career.  

Research has shown that students who use effective study skills are much more likely to receive a higher grade.  However, so many college students feel that they cannot find the time to study between their classes, work, sleep, and social obligations.  

But, finding time to study doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are 3 great apps that can help college students manage their busy lives:

1.  iStudiez Pro

This app allows students to track their schedule, homework, and grades all from one app.  

There is a limited free version but it only costs $2.99 for the Pro version.  Users can import assignments into the planner and sort them by priority. iStudiez Pro sends notifications to students reminding them of their scheduled activities and assignments  The app can even sync with other devices and can be connected to Google Calendar. The app also tracks and calculates grades, making it easy or students to see how they are doing in a course.

2.  Evernote

Evernote for desktop has always allowed students to take and organize notes easily.  Now Evernote has a free app that allows students to study from anywhere. Font and size are customizable and notes can even include drawings.  Group notebooks can help students share notes with classmates and form study groups. Evernote can sync to other apps such as Google Drive or Feedly.  Students can even email their professors right from the app, in case they don’t understand something from their notes.

3.  G Suite

Most college students are already using Google Drive for both group and individual assignments.  Drive makes it easy to share and collaborate on projects and papers, but only from a computer. For $5 a month, students can get G Suite which allows students to access all of their Google Drive applications and features right from their smartphone.  It even syncs to gmail and hangouts, allowing students to manage their messages from G Suite as well.

Story via The Edvocate

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