Too Much Screen Time Affects Children’s Development


Technology has enhanced our lives in many ways.  You can order a ride with your phone or pay someone back at the touch of a button.  However, too much of a good thing can be dangerous. New studies are showing that parents who are addicted to their phones negatively impact their child’s development.

Too much time spent on devices causes physical and mental health issues in both adults and children.  Overuse can cause eye damage, depression, attention deficit issues, and sleep problems.

The overuse of technology also interrupts valuable family time, making children feel insignificant and upset.  Then children start to act out by whining, becoming hyperactive, and irritable. Parents need to prioritize technology free family time in order to keep their family unit healthy and happy.

Here are 5 great ways to decrease time spent on technology and improve family life:

  1. Limit Screen Time

Many parents limit how much time their children can spend on their devices, but do not limit themselves when it comes to tech.  Create technology rules that apply to everyone in the house, kids and parents included.

2.  No Phones at Dinner

Make sure that all phones, TVs, or other tech distractions are turned off during family meals.  This gives everyone a chance to chat without any distractions.

3.  Games v.s. Movies

Family movie night can be fun, but it does not promote communication or interaction.  Instead, make a family game night. Playing games gives parents and children the opportunity to talk and have fun, all while creating a fun family tradition.

4.  Go Outside

Getting outside as a family helps keep everyone healthy while enjoying each other's company.  Whether it is hiking or just a game of catch, the whole family will benefit from this technology free time in the great outdoors.

5.  Turn Your Phones Off

Simply turning your phone off or putting it on silent while having a conversation is a good way to keep yourself from being distracted every time you get a notification.

Story via Wonderneed