Top Tech Trends for Small Businesses in 2019

What IT Trends should Small Businesses look forward to in 2019?  Here are 4 Tech Trends that will impact SMB’s this year:

Data and Analytics will Drive Decision Making

As we’re becoming a more data-driven society, Small Businesses will rely on vendor-specific data products and Analytics.  This information will allow SMB’s to better understand their customers.  For instance, businesses will not only focus on their biggest customers, but their most profitable ones by understanding which customers are the easiest to work with.  They’ll research the trends related to these customers and try to mimic them with others to make better business decisions.

Self-Serve Cloud Services

Cloud services unexpectedly took off at a high rate for SMB’s in 2018.  The New Year will continue that trend – especially with Small Businesses that haven’t adopted the technology yet.

As a society – we’ve become accustomed to the “self-service” method of things.  People are starting to become comfortable with that method, and Small Businesses are no different. SMB’s will adopt self-service cloud solutions as a way to modernize their organizations in 2019.

Cybersecurity Remains as Important as Ever

According to the BBB, losses due to cybersecurity will reach $2 trillion in 2019.  Criminals are using AI to figure out how to break security solutions that businesses have in place, and as a result, business will start using cybersecurity tools that utilize AI to help defend against it. Businesses will also use cloud-hosted security to help keep up with the large number of sophisticated threats that will appear in 2019.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in a nutshell is the process of using technology to improve your business in the future.  2019 will see SMB’s adopting this idea in an attempt to modernize their institution. Businesses will look at Data Management, Cybersecurity, and other IT related solutions, determine what solutions make sense for them, and begin the modernization process based on their company needs. 

Story via BizTech Magazine