What is Project Based Learning?

If you attended our 2018 NEOTD Tech Symposium, you had the opportunity to experience two of our speakers who covered Project Based Learning.  Dr. Kate O’Hara, Assistant Professor of Research for STEM Education at Cleveland State University and Jason Williams, Founder and CEO of Get with the Program both talked about Project Based Learning and its benefits.

Project Based Learning is the method in which students work on a project over time, that require them to solve real-world problems, questions or challenges. By working on these projects, they use what they’ve learned to develop a solution for a real circumstance or problem.  By taking a Project Based Learning approach, students acquire critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creative skills by working on a real-life project. 

To learn more about Project Based Learning, watch the presentations below from our 2018 NEOTD Tech Symposium from Dr. Kate O’ Hara and Jason Williams.