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Keeping Your School Safe From Cryptomining

With the rise of the value of cryptocurrencies, comes a rise in cryptomining.  Unfortunately, schools are often easy targets for cryptocurrency miners looking to make fast money. Cryptomining has also seen a recent advancement in malware technology making it even easier for criminals to cheat the system.  There are now mining services that can run as JavaScript in your web browser.

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Security Advocates in the Workplace

Cyber security is a vital part of every business, but it can be difficult for a security engineer to control all of the potential issues and threats to the network.

That is why creating a cyber security based company culture is so important.  Teaching your employees about different threats and what they should be looking out for on a daily basis, may help prevent major issues in your company.

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How Small Businesses Can Guard Themselves Against a Data Breach

Data breaches at large corporations are often what we see in the news.  However, that does not mean that small businesses do not face the same threats.

As a matter of fact, 44% of small businesses in America were impacted by a data breach in 2017.  Small businesses operate on tight margins and have far less cash flow than large corporations, meaning that recovering from a data breach could be devastating for these small organizations.

Even though small businesses are a such a high risk for a data breach, only 33% of small businesses reported purchasing security software according to the 2017 Bank of America Merchant Services Survey.

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