STEM Technology

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HP Sprout in K-12 STEM Education

Invent new ways to learn and communicate with Sprout

What is Sprout, exactly?
Sprout is a new kind of all-in-one computer that enables students to make, design, and customize the world around them. Sprout uses a unique combination of technologies and experiences that support modern learning and exploration, and help engage students in collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

While Sprout is right at home in a classroom, science lab, library, media center, workshop, makerspace, and any other learning environment, Sprout is a learning environment in itself. By connecting the physical world with the digital world, Sprout makes it possible to reimagine what you can make.

Why is Sprout great for teaching and learning?
In response to a changing world, teaching and learning have come to emphasize the importance of problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. In support of these skills, Sprout can be used as a content system for teachers. For everything from the delivery of in-person presentations to multi-camera media content made for the flipped classroom, Sprout supports the technological and pedagogical needs of educators who strive for data-driven learning outcomes through inspiring and engaging instruction.

For students, collaboration becomes a tactile and physical experience through Sprout's integrated Display and HP Touch Mat. Each of these aspects support concurrent multi-touch interaction, meaning that students can truly participate in their learning together. Students can manipulate objects independently, but work together toward completion of a single project or learning goal, driving conversation and facilitating collaboration through shared experiences.

HP Zvr 23.6-Inch Virtual Reality Display

Change the way you think, work, and create with the first commercial 3d display from HP that delivers a virtual-holographic 3D image so you can see every angle and curve in lifelike detail

For your eyes only.
Enjoy real-time, natural interaction without latency in your 3D objects as the Full HD stereoscopic display's full-motion parallax sensors track the movement of your head and respond to exactly where you look.

The complete package.
Get an immersive 3D experience with glasses that have five tracking markers recognized by the display's sensors and algorithms. Pull up the holographic image to rotate, manipulate, navigate, and zoom in and out of every detail with the stylus pen.

Easy to use.
Interact seamlessly with a display that delivers an intuitive user interface that not only follows the movement of the passive glasses but also works exactly the way you expect. The stylus pen pulses as you click on and interact with the image.

Redefine show and tell.
•  Project your 3D models to a 2D big screen for easy team collaboration using optional zView software and an optional hardware bundle
•  Easily drive your architectural, MCAD, education, and scientific content from an HP Z Workstation or HP Business Desktop with dual-link DVI or DisplayPort connectors
•  Find your best position for viewing the screen and interacting with your 3D image with adjustable height and tilt features
•  Take the software you know and trust to a whole new level with 3D interactivity that allows you to maximize your ISV investment
•  Get award-winning service and support from a three-year standard limited warranty. To extend your protection beyond the standard limited warranty, select optional HP Care Pack Services