Virtual Reality (VR) technology and accessibility has exploded and is now the #1 technology in K-12 education as technology and content evolve to provide even more amazing learning opportunities. At NEOTD, you’ll be able to personally experience the Lenovo VR Classroom that allows classrooms to:

• Lead students to the depths of the ocean, through the vastness of space, and on countless other learning experiences – all without leaving the classroom
• Teach and learn with fewer distractions
• Any subject in any context – any time

Lenovo’s VR Classroom is the first, all-in-one, ergonomically optimized, high-performance virtual reality classroom system including the tools, content, and processes to provide effective, hands-on learning that takes students places they’ve never gone before!

With state-of-the-art technology and award-winning content from Google, The Wild Immersion with the support of Jane Goodall, Scholastic, and other industry-leading providers, the Lenovo VR Classroom will make students say “WOW”!